Roosevelt Park

Situated between two dynamic, growing neighborhoods, Corktown and Mexicantown, is Detroit’s most historic landmark, Michigan Central Station. The Station, abandoned for decades, is fronted by an equally abandoned landscape, Roosevelt Park.  Community members have steadily made efforts to transform the park.

Uber Advanced Technologies Group

Uber opened the Advanced Technologies Group Center in Pittsburgh to research and develop solutions for mapping, vehicle safety, and autonomous transportation. Pittsburgh's history of manufacturing the most essential machines of its age matched Uber's vision of launching its first self-driving vehicle.


Language is central to the human experience whether it’s to exchange knowledge, express thought, or share beliefs. Central to Quid is their ability to analyze and organize this language and transform it into data, allowing a user to quickly tap into and extract meaning from humanity’s collective intellect.


MōDE connects textile and furniture lines to designers. The company currently represents six lines: Arper, BuzziSpace, Camira Fabrics, Fulbright, and West Coast Industries. Instead of offering a broad range of products, MōDE purposely selected these lines as each cares about providing high-quality designs to their clients.