Language is central to the human experience whether it’s to exchange knowledge, express thought, or share beliefs.  Central to Quid is their ability to analyze and organize this language and transform it into data, allowing a user to quickly tap into and extract meaning from humanity’s collective intellect.  Language reflects the environment around us and, in turn, influences how we perceive that environment.  Assembly wanted to transform Quid’s new space to reflect their love of words and data.  

Inspired by books lining the walls of a library, the blackened walnut and brass shelves span the length of the lobby.  The shelves, themselves, are filled with books, antique scientific tools, and diagrammatic patterns and drawings.  “We were inspired by early inventions like microscopes and scales.  We wanted pieces that were vintage but ones that were groundbreaking and revolutionary, ones that influenced how our world functions today” says Hilary Hanhan.

With a tight budget and restraints on construction, Assembly designed a 3D sculpture, comprised simply of styrofoam and wooden dowels that hangs over a simple, custom birch plywood 30’ table.  The piece depicts connecting nodes and pathways, much like a network of information.  

The dark and moody tunnel, connecting both wings of the office, contrasts the open, light workspaces beyond.  The walls and ceiling of the tunnel are lined with pages from a book.  Utilizing Quid’s software to decipher the most influential books of all time, the books chosen were further analyzed to determine which chapter and pages best represent each book as a whole.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Client: Quid
Size: 2100 sqf
Completed: October 2016
Collaborators: Alexis Moran, Principal Builders
Photographer: Jasper Sanidad