MōDE connects textile and furniture lines to designers.  The company currently represents six lines: Arper, BuzziSpace, Camira Fabrics, Fulbright, and West Coast Industries.  Instead of offering a broad range of products, MōDE purposely selected these lines as each cares about providing high-quality designs to their clients.  MōDE’s hands-on approach, methodical delivery, and design-driven inclination are what sets them apart.

Derived from the word “modern,” MōDE wanted their identity to be perceived as such, progressive, timeless, and simple.  For the logo, the typeface Haas Grotesque was chosen for its clean, approachable look.  This paired with contrasting, yet muted, colors of gray, blue, and yellow give MōDE it’s bold look, one that evokes iconic references with a new perspective.  This restrained playfulness yet the refined structure is what will make MōDE’s brand timeless.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Client: MōDE
Completed: January 2017
Collaborators: Leewood Press